Weight Control & Gastric Band Therapy

weightcontrolHypnosis for Weight Control is a topic featuring regularly in the media, whether through image or health concerns, weight management is a major issue that has become central to many people’s lives. Hypnotherapy can help people to loose weight, by showing the client the way to access resources they already have.  Strictly speaking neither hypnosis nor hypnotherapy is a weight reduction programme, so if a client is overweight they must consider the following:

  • Eating patterns
  • Regular exercise
  • Or preferably both

Hypnotherapy can however support clients to make these changes by reducing stress, habits or emotional conflicts that would otherwise make it difficult to loose weight, but in return a client MUST play an active role.  Clients may have tried many different diets before arriving at hypnotherapy.  They may have been unsuccessful or temporarily successful or they may have been “yo-yo” dieting for most of their adult life and not much consideration given as to “WHY” it is difficult to become slim or even stay slim.  This is what makes hypnotherapy different from traditional weight control programmes and diets.  Hypnosis is least likely to be able to help reduce weight if:

  • Long term medications are being taken with weight gain as a side effect
  • A medical condition exists, which causes weight gain as a side effect
  • Unable or unwilling to make lifestyle changes in addition to undergoing therapy

Hypnotherapists, with an understanding of the process involved in hypnotic weight management, look at the underlying psychology of weight control and at effective strategies that can be employed to help clients achieve permanent weight loss through lifestyle change.  An hypnotherapist’s approach is to work with simple behavioural weight management issues and those that involve “simple” emotional eating, as we do have an understanding of the difference between weight control issues and eating disorders.

    gband  Virtual Gastric Bands -  With growing worldwide concerns about the ramifications of an increasingly clinically obese population, weight loss surgery is on the increase.  Surgical interventions such as the use of the laparoscopic gastric band have been shown to result in improvements in quality of life and a reduction in obesity related diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.  Laparoscopic gastric bands can be fitted at significant financial cost, typically costing in the region of thousands.  Although this type of treatment is not without health risks, as is the case with any surgery, it does tend to overlook issues relating to “WHY” “WHEN” “WHERE” and “WHAT” we eat in favour of ”HOW” food is digested, with little attention paid to feelings, belief systems and behaviours.  If then it fails, there are no guarantees or money back, so that’s rather expensive feedback! Hypnotherapy, in virtual bariatric surgery is fast growing in dealing with the treatment of obesity and incorporates:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Exercise
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches to weight loss
  • The use of the Virtual Gastric Band

The VGB is designed for people who find it difficult to lose weight on their own.  It is a completely safe method which utilises a client’s conscious and subconscious mind to maximise benefit to the client, without the obvious necessity of undergoing a surgical procedure, at significant financial cost as well as inherent health risks.

Testimonial 2 months after VGB surgery:

“just to let you know the healthy eating is going great without thought….lost 1 and half stone…..dropped 2 dress sizes….feel fantastic……look in the mirror and see someone I actually like thank you so much………..”  R Knaresborough

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