Smoking Cessation

SMOKING2Smoking Cessation Sessions – 1 to 1 or Small Groups

Smoking Cessation, the questions everybody asks are:

“How will hypnotherapy help me to quit smoking, what will happen during treatment and what techniques are likely to be used?” 

Understandably, you would like to know what is involved before you commit to quitting and certainly before you commit to using hypnotherapy to quit smoking. A typical smoking cessation session lasts approximately 1 – 1 1/2 hours.  The first session is split between consultation and hypnosis, exact apportionment of time is dependant upon the client’s own circumstances/situation, but roughly speaking the latter part of the session on average takes about 45 minutes.  Although some therapists claim to be able to help you ‘stop smoking in one session’ you will normally need 2/3 sessions.  This is something that will be discussed during the consultation part of the first session. The consultation part of the sessions starts with me asking you some non-invasive questions so I can obtain a general overview of exactly how things are in your life at the time.  I will then ask you to complete a questionnaire, (if you have not already done so prior to your session).  Questioning and questionnaires are simply to assess as to whether there are any relevant points which may impede on your success to quit or if there are any major stressors which need dealing with first. Hypnosis usually follows consultation unless anything has been identified which may will require dealing with first. This being the case a further session will be arranged as part of the programme. Subsequent sessions/follow-up – As part of our smoking cessation programme a follow-up session is offered for a limited period only.  Should this session be required, then it must be taken advantage of within 3 months of your initial smoking cessation session.

What should I expect from a session?  Please be assured there will be no finger wagging or judgement passed but it may be appropriate to adopt some aversion techniques, the level of which will be discussed prior to commencement of hypnosis. In general, although, this therapy is positively focused and geared towards motivating you to achieve your goal, in so doing issues listed below will  be covered during the consultation stage:

  • Chemicals known to be in a cigarette
  • Facts about smoking
  • Benefits of quitting
  • Techniques for staying a non-smoker in all situations


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