Pregnancy & Childbirth

Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy & Childbirth –

1 to 1 or Small Group Antenatal Sessions

What is Hypnotherapy in Pregnancy and Childbirth concerned with and what are the benefits?

Hypnotherapy in pregnancy and childbirth is concerned with preparing mother and partner for birth, allowing an easier more comfortable and painless birth.  Preparation is aimed at physical, mental and spiritual levels and the benefits for most women who are not in a high risk situation are many, for example:

  • it promotes an understanding of pregnancy and childbirth as a normal and natural process
  • eliminates tension and fear
  • reduces and even eliminates pain
  • shortens the birthing process
  • enhances bonding between mother, baby and partner
  • achieves birth with minimum of drugs, artificial aid and intervention
  • ensures a birth which is both gentle and calm
  • increases energy post birth
  • happier, better adjusted babies conductive to better feeding and sleeping routines from birth

How will hypnotherapy be used to ensure such benefits?

Hypnotherapy techniques are based on breathing, relaxation, visualisation, deepening and direct suggestions, as well as education regarding stages of Pregnancy and Labour.  Self-hypnosis is taught, as regular practice during pregnancy, is key to a successful outcome.

What educational topics are covered in a Hypno-breezebirth package?

The Hypno-breezebirth package includes a brief outline of the following topics:

  • Morning sickness and hyperemesis
  • Hypertension
  • Bonding with Baby
  • Anticipated premature labour
  • Preparation for labour
  • The role of hypnosis in labour and birth
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Postnatal Progress

How many sessions are included in a Hypno-breezebirth package?

The Hypno-breezebirth package consists of 6 hypno-antenatal sessions and two hypno-postnatal progress sessions.  (Postnatal progress sessions are offered free of charge, up to three months after the birth of your baby).

How much will it cost for a Hypno-breezebirth package?

Each Hypno-breezebirth session will be tailored to meet individual requirements and the cost of this package is £235.00 if paid in advance or £45.00 per session on a pay-as-you-go basis.


To book your first antenatal session

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